Hail Ostara, Soberanes, Big Sur

“Road: a strip of ground over which one walks. A highway differs from a road not only because it is solely intended for vehicles, but also because it is merely a line that connects one point with another. A highway has no meaning in itself;┬áit’s meaning derives entirely from the two points that it connects. A road is a tribute to space…A highway is the triumphant devaluation of space… Before roads and paths disappeared from the landscape, they had disappeared from the human soul: man stopped wanting to walk, to walk on his own feet and to enjoy it. What’s more, he no longer saw his own life as a road, but as a highway: a line that led from one point to another, from the rank of captain to the rank of general, from the role of wife to the role of widow. Time became a mere obstacle to life, an obstacle that had to be overcome by ever greater speed.” – Milan Kundera, Immortality (Part V, Chance, Chapter 3).

Soberanes March 31, 2013 Sabrina Brett
Soberanes, Spring 2013 Sabrina BrettIMG_2895 Soberanes, Spring 2013 Sabrina Brett


Best of 2012 – Nature Photography

Tahoe Rim Trail Sabrina BrettWood Detail,  Echo Lake Sabrina BrettLake Aloha 2 Sabrina BrettLake Aloha 8 Sabrina BrettLake Aloha 16 Sabrina BrettLake Aloha 12 Sabrina BrettAsilomar, Pacific Grove 13 Sabrina BrettAsilomar 29Soberanes 11 by Sabrina BrettThe Apple Farm Sabrina Brett

The Apple Farm, Philo, California

The Apple Farm
Location: Philo, California
Source: Sabrina Brett Photography

Philo 1 Sabrina Brett IMG_0586

Beach Snakes, 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach

17 Mile Drive 2 Sabrina Brett

Source: Sabrina Brett Photography
Location: 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, California

17 Mile Drive 4 Sabrina Brett17 Mile Drive 5 Sabrina Brett17 Mile Drive 6 Sabrina Brett17 Mile Drive 3 Sabrina Brett

Pink November, Stillwater Cove, Pebble Beach

Location: Stillwater Cove, Pebble Beach, CA
Source: Sabrina Brett Photography

Serpentine Pathways, Snivley’s Ridge Trail, Garland Ranch Regional Park

Snivley’s Ridge Trail
Location: Garland Ranch Regional Park, Carmel Valley, California
Source: Sabrina Brett Photography

Gracing the Clouds, Rocky Ridge & Soberanes Canyon Loop, Big Sur

Rocky Ridge and Soberanes Canyon Loop
Location: Garrapata State Park, Big Sur, California
Source: Sabrina Brett Photography